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    GM5962 Stuffed Plush Animal Rides,Walking Animal Rides
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    Battery operated amusement kiddies animal rides GM5943
    large stuffed animals
    Ride on cars,rent carnival plush rides,Animal Ride, Animal Ride Products, Animal Ride Suppliers GM5901
    ride on cars
    1.What is animal rides?
    Animal rides is also called electronics animals,animals electric toys, children play electric operated coin toys, electric toy cars for kids, animal rider coin, toys animal electric, stuffed animals that walk, motorized plush animals, zippy animal rides, animal ride on toys, animal rider, kids ride ,kiddy ride machine, zippy rides and so on. It is a newly coin operated electric amusement rides that looks like real animals and plays cool music for shopping malls, parties, game centers, amusement park and play ground and so on.
     walking animal rides
    2.Why do I purchase the products? 
    Fast profits and easy investment ! Animal rides are very hot in the world market and they are sold to over 100 countries. kids and adults love them very much. So they can bring fast profits in very short time, most clients can get their money back within 2 weeks. Besides, it is a great way to diversify your product line,such as the rental business .
    3. The advantages of Sibo animal rides:
    A) Easy staff management
    B) Easy budget to manage
    C) Easy maintenance and repair 
    D) Small investment, short period, quick effectiveness and fund repay
    E) The covering coat can be took off and washable
    F) With CE certification
    4. How many models of animal rides do you have ?
    There are 43 designs, two system (coin operated and non-coin operated zippy rides or your choice.
    kids ride on toys
    ride on toys
    5. What is the difference about coin operated and non-coin operated animal rides? Which system is better ?
    Coin operated kids’ animals: you need to insert coin to start the machine. You can set 1-9 coins to play 1-19 minutes. Normally 90% customers choose coin system, if they do the business in the shopping malls, game centers, amusement park and playground. 
    Non coin operated toy ride: No time controller. press the button, it will go. When release te button, it will stop. Usually for rental business. 
     6. How to run animal rides business?
    A. Put it shopping mall, park, game center or playground, rent a place
    B, Rent for party, meeting, advertising
    C, Resale and wholesale as kids toy rides.
    kids ride on toys
    kids electric cars
    giant stuffed animals for rides
    7. How about the quality and guarantee of your animal rides? What ages of children can sit on them?
    Top quality in China. Our animal rides have been sold to over 100 countries since 2009 and they got good reputation in the world market .Besides we will send you some free spare parts based on the order qty.
    And the kids over 3 years old can play it well. Or the parent or other older kids can play with little kids because our rides can hold about 100KGS.
    8. Feedback of animal rides from clients 
    Our plush animal rides were sold to over 100 countries and got good reputation in the world market .Many clients reorder our animal rides and share their happiness with us. 
    9. what kinds coins or tokens do they need? 
    The machine is installed a CPU coin acceptor. When you set a sample of coin or token in the coin acceptor, the machine can work when it identifies same coins or tokens. As long as the diameter of the token or coin is 18mm~30mm,the thickness is 1.5mm~3mm,you can use it.
    10. What basic spare parts will we need to purchase?
    We will send you some spare parts for free according to your order quantity. We suggest you buy some parts for reserve. You will need more parts if you have good business. 
    11. How much and how long to play one time?
    You can set 1~9 coins to play 1~19 minutes.
    12. We want English songs with the rides. 
    There is a SD card, the music can ba changed easily.
    13. How about the battery?
    The battery is 12V, 22A. Charged 6-8 hours can be used for 6~8 hours.
    14. What is the Maximum of bearing capacity? 
    100kgs.(parents can ride with their kids together)
    15. Working voltage.
    It can work both 220V/ 110V.
    11. Which kinds of ground it can work?
    It can walk on any flat ground.
    Material: steel frame, fireproof plush product 
    Packing size: 119*66*89 CM
    Weight: 31kgs
    Bearing Capacity: 100kgs (parents can seat with their kids)
    Playground: indoor/outdoor play
    Color available: many
    Style: coin operated/non-coin operated 
    Diameter range of token:18-30mm
    Thickness range of token:1.2-2.7mm
    Dimension of coin box:14*11*11cm
    Counter: up to 100000
    Speed: 40-70m/min.
    Function: forward/backward/left/right
    Coin: 1 to 9 coins
    Setting time: 1 to 19 minutes
    Main spare parts: control box, motor, coin selector, etc
    Battery: chargeable
    Charger: 12V/20A charger, one charger for one machine
    Battery: 12v/22A charge6 to 8 hours, working 8 hours
    Music box: Dozens of songs (memory card)
    Wheel: one 6”and three 4 “wheel, stable and durable
    Minimum age to ride this machine: 4
    Charging time:6-8 hours, can use for 6-8 hours
    Certificate: CE, TUV,BV
    Place of origin: Guangdong, China
    Safety package: foam + bag+carton
    We can provide 43 different models, and our products have passed CE. These animal rides enjoy good reputation from our clients of USA, Netherland, Spain, Peru, UK, Russia, Chile, Australia, Canada.etc.
    One 20 foot container can hold 38 pcs, one 40 GP container can hold 80pcs, one 40 HQ container can hold 96 pcs.
    certificates of sibo animal rides
    Our Main business/products:
    1. Coin operated machines for kids, Our products have passed the CE certification.
     kiddie rides such as LCD, single-stand, double-stand, luxury kiddie rides. We can supply over 600 different models of kiddie rides which can meet most of our clients demands.
    animal rides: we can supply 43 different models of electronic plush walking toy animal rides and animal trains. These items enjoy good reputation from our clients of USA, Netherland, Spain, Peru, UK, Russia, Chile, Australia, Canada.etc.. Lovely design and easy operation bring good profits and it is really nice investment item. These machines are suitable to be put in amusement parks, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc.
    2. inflatable products: PVC tarpaulin inflatable castle, water park toys, inflatable tent, inflatable slide, etc.
    3. Equipment for kids amusement parks/playground such as naughty castle, soft indoor playground, carousel, mini train, revolving elevator, helicopters, horses, bumper cars, mini animal car etc. We have successfully installed bumper cars area for our clients in different countries. 
    4. Simulator machines such as shooting, racing, crane, redemption, basketball, dancing, air hockey, music machines for game centers. You will find all the popular models in our website.
    5. Gumball vending machines for candy, gumball, capsule toys. We can also supply candy, gumball, capsule and toys which supply convenience to our clients.
    6. Arcade spare parts such as CRT monitor, power supply, coin acceptor, joystick, buttons, Jamma wireness/cable, etc.
    Safe package: Carton/ Bubble pack + Well-paper + Stretch films + Wood frame
    animal rides production capacity
    Payment terms:
    T/T 30% deposit and 70% balance before delivery
    Leading time:
    7-15days after receiving the deposit, 5 days is ok for the samples after receiving the deposit 
    Why choose us:
    Guangzhou Sibo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd  is a leading company in amusement and inflatables industry. We can provide various kinds of game machines, inflatable products and related accessories in this filed, such as animal rides, kiddie rides, bumper car, carrousel, soft playground, naughty castle, inflatable products, video cabinet, racing, shooting, redemption, crane, basketball, dancing, boxing, coin pusher, crane kits and vending machines. Relying on professional technologies, satisfactory services, innovative concept and practical attitude, we specialize in producing and marketing of all kinds of game machines and game centers, as well as management & cooperation. If you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us.
    Remarks: We will provide the information as correct as possible. Product photos on this website may vary from the real products. Products information may vary from the products manual available in the market. Please use the products subjected to the specific information on the user manual. For details, please contact the related persons.
    The prices on the website are for reference only, please contact us for accurate quotations. 


    Sibo Electronic Technology


    Sibo Electronic TechnologyGuangzhou SiBo Electronic Technology Co., LTD is a leading company in kids amusement and game machine industry. Relying on professional technologies, satisfying services, innovative concept and practical attitude, we are specialized in production and marketing kinds of game machines and game centers management , such as kiddie rides, kids carousel , track trains, plush walking animal rides, kids battery bumper rides, kids indoor playground, arcade video games,racing ,shooting, redemption, gift crane machines, basketball machines, dance stations, boxing machines, coin pusher, and vending machines etc. Through years of efforts, we have established a team with efficiency and teamwork and trained many high quality technicians. Our kids games machines are flexible to put in kids game center, kids amusement parks, shopping malls, restaurant, hotel etc. Our new design kids amusement games wins fast and durable profits for our clients.


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