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Guangzhou SiBo TUV Report

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 Guangzhou SiBo TUV Report 

Company name: Guangzhou SiBo Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Assessment Type: Production & Trade Assessment 

Report Date: 17th Sep.2013 

Report No.: 6772146_P+T

There is a great verification about our company by TUV (Technischer Überwachungs Verein) on 17th, September about the production, trade and the other conditions of our company. They also made a 3 minutes video about our office, factory, stuffs and other details. Please feel free to check the video on website: . You can also check the report on the website:


We passed the BV certificate last year, the report number is : 4996334_P+T. Picture below shows the details of our main products and company. 

Hope the information about our factory will help you to have better understanding about us. 

The report of Guangzhou Sibo TUV and BV certificate:



The certificate of Guangzhou Sibo:


Guangzhou Sibo factory and office:

Products sample in Guangzhou Sibo showroom, such as animal rides, animal bumper car, kiddie rides, carrousel, kids train and other products for game center.


Package of Guangzhou Sibo products:


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