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Welcome to visit Sibo inflatable factory near CIAE 2016

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China (Guangzhou )amusement exhibition in March is coming .Do you plan to attend ?

If so ,welcome to visit us for amusement machines,we specialize in them for over 8 years and have sold the games to over 100 countries .There are animal rides,kiddie rides,carousel/merry go round,track train ,naughty castle and customized inflatable ,other coin-operated amusement machines like arcade games, video games, lottery equipment, cranes, redemption games, simulators, touch screens, bumper car for your choice ,just take about 30 minutes to arrive us by subway.

We have own factory ,when you come,you can see it .Looking forward to meeting you .

Animal ride

animal rides


kiddie rides

Guangzhou SiBo Electronic Technology Co., LTD is a leading company in kids amusement games industry. Relying on professional technologies, satisfying services, innovative concept and practical attitude, we are specialized in production and marketing kinds of game centers management , such as kiddie rides, kids carousel , track trains, plush walking animal rides, kids battery bumper rides, kids battery animal bumper rides, kids indoor playground,inflatable bounce house,slide,obstacle course,combo and water park games etc. Through years of efforts, we have established a team with efficiency and teamwork and trained many high quality technicians. Our kids games machines are flexible to put in kids game center, kids amusement parks, shopping malls, restaurant, hotel etc. Our new design kids amusement games wins fast and durable profits for our clients.

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