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Zippy Animal Rides At Sibo[ 02-11 11:00 ]
Last week, we just sent 80 pcs in a 40 GP container to Australia. My client said both the children and the adult in their local were crazy about them. And more than 100 people to ride them everyday.
Led Light Plush Animal Ride[ 01-14 11:00 ]
With more years experience, sibo staff are concentrated on every tiny details, we make progress on the animal rides again and again, today our rides can make with LED light and sensors, they can stop automatically when people or things are in front, if you need this function, that is no problem.
Animal Rides Scooter Business Plan[ 01-13 11:00 ]
Our client from Norway, he has purchased one container to prepare for his 2017 business. He said walking animal rides are very hot now, both the kids and adults are crazy about them. They can be put in many place, like street, shopping mall, amusement park, children park, game center, school, etc.
Inflatable Animal Rides Fence[ 10-25 10:11 ]
Now i show you our new animal rides inflatable playland. There are traffic theme, zoo theme, forest them and ocean theme, check below great design to choose your favorite theme,haha...
Kids Playground Bumper Cars[ 09-07 11:00 ]
Different color battery cars for your choice. Sibo is a factory of electric kids kiddie rides cars,we also provide inflatable bouncers,water game,electric animal rides game machines.
New Design Bouncer Castle[ 08-24 11:00 ]
As for the special characteristic of the inflatable, and they can be used for playing ,sporting and renting .What’s more,you can use these products in park,shopping mall , games centers,clubs,amusement park, kids’ park,indoor playground, garden and so on .
Plastic Slides[ 08-22 11:00 ]
Children plastic slide funny and safety kids indoor or outdoor playground slide with swing are designed by very experienced designers according to the interests and feels of the children. The platform owns a strong bearing capacity.
Popular Dry Slide Inflatable[ 08-20 11:00 ]
With development of society, inflatable slide become more and more popular. Not only kids, but adults are crazy about inflatable dry slide.
High Profit Electric Zippy Animal Rides[ 08-19 11:00 ]
Wow!!! One of my french client place a 20 GP container animal rides last week, look the belowing pic that just finished in our factory, so amazing, right? Our big animal rides easily can load 2 kids together, or one parent with one kid, very strong and durable. Usd380 bottom promotion price now, please do not hesitate, catch the business chance.
Soft Indoor Playground For Kids Fun[ 08-18 11:00 ]
Soft indoor playground has merry go round, baby bear, swing boxing etc.Electric machine in playground can stimulated children's curiosity,exploring desire, and advanced their team work and adventurous spirit and their abilities of cognition, judgement and problem-solving during play.
Client From Portugal Visiting For Sibo Inflatable And Kiddie Animal Rides[ 11-17 11:00 ]
This Tuesday one client from Portugal visited us .
Swedish Clients Visiting Sibo Inflatables[ 11-06 11:00 ]
We are the Entertainment Air System Solution Supplier with 15 years inflatable experience and we safe inflatable standards 635663 to ensure our clients can get the best quality products.
Custom Inflatable Toys Manufactured By Sibo Inflatable[ 11-02 11:00 ]
1.Maximum 3.6m wide digital printing machine for colorful painting 2.Computer digital cutting machine for shape and size 3. 25KW high frequency RF welding machines 4.Professional Hailing sewing machines and improved hot welding machines and so on . They ensure our bouncer,slide,combo,fun city and other inflatable games can be produced in short time and with durable quality.
Sibo Professional Inflatable With Authoritative Certificates[ 10-19 11:00 ]
Our inflatable products suit for outdoor and indoor. Most clients put them in shopping mall, amusement park, game center, park, zoo, etc. Some clients do the inflatable rental business for party, hotel, activity, advertisement, etc. The small investment and fast profit inflatable products business wins steady and increasing profits for our clients. You are welcome to visit us, we are very near to Canton fair exhibition hall.
Carnival Games Manufactured In Sibo Factory[ 09-18 11:00 ]
If convenient ,welcome to visit our factory ,we have two craft works-sewing for constant air inflatables and hot welding for sealed air inflatables.OEM and ODM are all welcome .
Professional Packing Way[ 09-11 11:00 ]
If one company can product good quality inflatables, but they were damage on the way to the clients, it will be useless about the good quality. Sibo electronic company not only use the same material PVC packing bag, but also use the stretch film to protect the packing bag. Picture below shows you about the professional packing.
Are You Worried About Inflatable Leaking?[ 08-26 11:00 ]
All welds for sealed inflatables (no need to blower to fill the games all the time ) need to have inside tape and then clear PVC and another layer of binding tape.So there are 5 layers for seam to avoid leaking
Old customer visited our Sibo inflatable factory[ 08-04 11:00 ]
Yesterday one old client from Cote d'Ivoire visited our inflatable factory.He bought bounce house,inflate slide,jumping castle from us last year.This year he prefers sealed trampoline for bungee,high water slide,inflatable combo etc.
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