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1.Handicraft Introduction
with 15 years' inflatable factory experience, all our products are made accoring to the following instructions from USA and European clients:
SIBO inflatable Handicraft Introduction
SIBO inflatable Handicraft Introduction
SIBO inflatable Handicraft Introduction
SIBO inflatable Handicraft Introduction
SIBO inflatable Handicraft Introduction
SIBO inflatable Handicraft Introduction
SIBO inflatable Handicraft Introduction
SIBO inflatable Handicraft Introduction
SIBO inflatable Handicraft Introduction
sibo inflatables Handicraft Introduction
inflatable  games for sale
Product attribute:
Type: Castle,combined slide (wet&dry)
Material: PVC,PVC Tarpaulin
Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Sibo
Color: blue gray or customize
Weight:  About 330kg
Feature: wonderful bouncy castles
Function:Bouncy Jumping Castles
Color: as the picture shows or customize


Certification:TUV, BV
Packing:Carton and high-strength PVC tarpaulin
Delivery time : 15 days
Place: amusement park, water park, shopping mall 
Player : kids/adults
Brief description:
1.Material: 0.55mmpvc tarpaulin
2.Size:make custom design
3.With printing
inflatable party tental
2.Material Introduction
High quality Plato PVC is used for all our bounce house, wet/dry slides, combos, obstacle courses, moonwalks,jumpy things, rocket walls, kids bouners, spacewalk and tents and other inflatable advertising products. Our material passed the SGS identification,Non-stimulative to skin,non-toxicity and non-taste.You could be at ease use.Just make fun for the children.
3.Printing Technology
We could print anything which you want,very clear and lively.Because we use the best quality printing machine,it print very quickly and in good quality.
inflatable bouncers
bouncy inflatbale cartoon
4.Our QA laboratory: 
inflatables  for rental
5.Warning and Logo
No matter use our logo or your logo is all ok,we will paste them on the inflatables,if you have specific demand about the position for the logo,please let us know.
5.Professional Blowers
(1)CE blower for Europe,220-240V,50HZ
(2)UL blower for America,110V,60HZ
inflatable blower cartificate
6.Strong package
Generally,the package is:Carpet inside,and PVC bag outside so that it is strong enough,if you have speicic demand about it,please tell us,thanks.
inflatable's package 
7.Certificate of inflatable products
certificate of inflatable products
inflatable PVC cartificate
8.different styles of inflatable products
Inflatable games for kids, oversized games for kids
inflatable water slide and water pool
inflatable sport games
9.More information about us:
With our strong team of over 800 skilled workers and an efficient R&D department,and by operating a Quality Management System,we pride ourselves on providing high quality products and competitive pricing. 
inflatables  for rental
Direct adult supervision is required at all times. At no time should the unit be left unattended.  

Ensure that the number of participants on the unit at one time does not exceed the limit below:  
Only compatible age groups and sizes shall play on the moonwalk at the same time.   

      * Extra caution and supervision are required for children ages three (3) and under.  

      * Never allow older kids to bounce with children ages (3) and under unless they are supervised.  

      * Keep toddlers from putting netting in mouth.   

Do not put water inside the inflatable bouncers. Jumping inside the bouncer can be dangerous if the surface is slippery.   

If the inflatable bouncer begins to deflate:  

     • All participants should evacuate the unit immediately.  

     • If the motor has stopped:  

                • Check to ensure it is plugged in.  

                • Check the air-intake screen on the blower for blockages.  

                • Check the outlet and circuit breaker. (Ensure no other appliances are plugged into the same circuit.)   

                • Check both blower tubes on the back of the moonwalk to make sure that they are tightly tied off.  

     • Never allow riders to jump in a partially inflated unit.   

In case of rain and thunderstorms:  

      • Remove all persons  from the Moonwalk and turn off the motor.  

      • When weather is clear, turn on the motor, and dry off inside of moonwalk with a soft, clean towel before allowing participants back in.  

Do not use the Moonwalk if the wind exceed of 20 mph. (The unit can flip over) or weather below 40º F (4.4º C).  

     • Children should immediately exit of the moonwalk.  

     • The blower should there after be switched off and the unit allowed to deflate.    

Do not remove the Moonwalk from the area where it was installed.Ensure the sandbags/ground stakes are securely fastened at all times.  

Participants must observe all safety rules as listed in the “Participant Rules” sheet at all times.   
Adult supervision is required at all times while there are participants in, on, or near the attraction.  

Individuals with pre-existing health conditions are not permitted in or on the unit at any time.  
(head,neck,back or other muscular-skeletal injuries or disabilities,pregnant women,small infants and others who may be susceptible to injury from falls,bumps or bouncing)
Participants must remove glasses, and jewelry before entering.   
Sharp objects must be kept clear of the attraction.  
Absolutely no flips, wrestling, piling, or horseplay.  
These can cause serious neck, back, and head injuries to participants.  

No food, drinks, snacks, gum, sprays or silly string.  

These items may result in damage to the unit.  
Do not bounce against walls,near the door/entry area,or on the entry ramp.Do not climb on the unit,nor hang from the netting.This may result in serious injury.
Pets or animals should not be permitted inside the unit at any time.  

1. All products appearing on this website are original designs made by our company and they are subject to intellectual property rights protection. Our company will strenuously enforce all of our rights against any person or entity that infringes any of our rights. 2. We are aware of companies making inferior copies of our products and most of them do not meet safety or other standards. Buyers, retailers and wholesalers should take note of the risks of buying these infringing copies.

3. Any interest on the products should be directed to our sales department, contact details of which appear at CONTACT US.          



Sibo Electronic Technology


Sibo Electronic TechnologyGuangzhou SiBo Electronic Technology Co., LTD is a leading company in kids amusement and game machine industry. Relying on professional technologies, satisfying services, innovative concept and practical attitude, we are specialized in production and marketing kinds of game machines and game centers management , such as kiddie rides, kids carousel , track trains, plush walking animal rides, kids battery bumper rides, kids indoor playground, arcade video games,racing ,shooting, redemption, gift crane machines, basketball machines, dance stations, boxing machines, coin pusher, and vending machines etc. Through years of efforts, we have established a team with efficiency and teamwork and trained many high quality technicians. Our kids games machines are flexible to put in kids game center, kids amusement parks, shopping malls, restaurant, hotel etc. Our new design kids amusement games wins fast and durable profits for our clients.


Sibo Electronic Technology


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