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    GMKP-52 10 seats honey pot,size:360*360*160cm,Park rides
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    amusement parks rides in virginia,amusement parks rides in north carolina GMKP-52 10 seats honey pot,size:360*360*160cm,Park rides
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    amusement parks rides in virginia,amusement parks rides in north carolina GMKP-52

    amusement parks in virginia
    Brand: SIBO
    Products: GMKP series kids rides, such as carousel, track train and large equipment kids rides. 
    Certificate: CE, TUV: 6772146_P+T BV: 4996334_P+T   ISO9001 (2008)   BSCI (DBID NO.:22377).
    sibo certificate of  GMKP series kids rides 
    Overview of Amusement carousel rides
    Carousel is one of amusement park rides, amusement park carousel also called merry go round and revolving kids rider. The “rocking horses" move up and down, front and back , accompanying with beautiful music and flashing lights, children enjoy the thrill of riding on it. 
    Amusement park carousel are very welcomed and loved by market and children.  Carousel game machine is suitable for the indoor playground, outdoor playground, Park Playground, Children's Palace, the Plaza, community, shopping mall, square, park, kindergarten, building area etc.
    Main material is FRP and steel: steel frame, fiberglass decoration and horses. FRP is a good corrosion resistant material & insulating material & thermal insulation material, have high tensile strength and compressive strength.
    There are 3 seats/ 4 seats/ 6 seats/ 8 seats/ 12 seats/ 16 seats/ 18 seats/ 24 seats carousel available. We have many models for carousel ,such as traditional horse model carousel, musical instrument models carousel, flower kids carousel, ocean carousel, mini train style carousel, ladybug model carousel, swan model carousel, etc.  
    There is some detail information to show our amusement park kids rides.
    Coin operated system carousel and mini train model. We can supply 1 and 2 seat train model, 3 and 4 seats traditional model carousel, 5 seats animal model .They are easy operation and need small space. Those kids ride suit for little kids. 
    amusement park rides 
    theme parks rides
    list of amusement park ridescarnival rides
    vintage amusement park rides
    We also have the more seats amusement park rides for children. Such as 6 seats Royal Carrousel, 8 seats plane, 12 seats pirate ship, 16 seats play land, 18 Seats Carrousel,etc. They are controlled by control cabinet. 
    8 seats plane carousel  
    There are 4 similar models for 8 seats rides. GMKP-18, GMKP-48,  GMKP-48 and GMKP-100. Please check the detail information of GMKP-100. Its shining painting and LED lights like stars at night. Each kid will rush to play it with surprising scream and laugh. In the middle of the machine, the column is carved with the octopus. Seating in the fish, just like under the ocean world.
    fairground rides 
    amusement park rides
    GMKP-52 Bee Carrousel 
    Bee Carrousel has 10 seats. There are two seats of each pot. Each pot can move separately.
    amusement rides for kids 
    12 seats rides pirate ship and Happy Train 
    This machine has 12 seats, both children and adults can play together, the children can play alone, there are safety belts in the seats.
    horse ride in America 
    pirate rides
    GMKP-97, 16 seats play land
    Picture below is our hot sale with newest design 16 seats luxury carrousel. It is special made for kids. Due to the colorful and shining body, kids like it very much. Competitive price included the fence and control cabinet. You can put both indoor and outdoor
    used rides
    GMKP-62B 18 Seats Carrousel 
    This carrousel is suitable for large game center, there are some detail pictures,  there are two carriages and 14 horse seats. Some pictures show the fiber glass and wire. This package size is 20 cbm.
    carousel in amusement park 
    Overview of track train 
    Track train drives on the interchange track; it consists of beautiful shaped carriage. Each train carriage runs simultaneously along the track direction of automatic steering
    The track train is marked with luxury LED lights and cartoon paintings. They are controlled by the control cabinet. 
    Not all kids have a chance to go to travel, but they don’t want to miss a chance to take a train. Track train give kids the real feeling that like ride on train. It can be put into indoor or outdoor playground, amusement park, game center, even more in shopping mall.
    There are 8seats train, 14 seats and 16 seats climb train for your choice. 
    The track can be shaped “B” or “O” as you like. 
    Picture below shows us GMKP-T09 8 seats train: track:31meters;, speed: 6~8KM/H; 1000kgs;package size: 20CBM
    track train
    Picture below show the GMKP-61 14 seats circus track train (1*2+3*4) track: 31meters; with control cabinet, speed: 6~8KM/H; 1200kgs; package size: 24CBM. There are different animal in the train carriage
    track train for kids
    track train for kids
    The following addresses many of our most asked questions about our trains. 
    What is the length of the track?
    Generally it’s 31 meters. Additional track can be purchased, though.
    What surfaces can the track sit on?
    A train can sit on anything flat and level – concrete, grass, dirt, gravel, tile, etc. If the train is to be set inside a mall, some floor covering needs to be installed between the track and any hard floor surface to cut down operating noise and also to protect the floor surface.
    What are the electrical requirements?
    A 110V /220V outlet is required with a 20 amp breaker.
    Is there electric current running through the track?
    Yes. The power is converted at the control box from 110V /220V AC to a very safe 24-32 volt DC level. One track carries a positive charge and the other track carries the negative charge. You feel a slight tingle if you were to purposely touch both tracks simultaneously.
    What should be charged for a train ticket?
    Obviously pricing is up to the operator. For example, a single ticket usually sells for $1-$1.50. Many operators sell ticket books. An example of this scenario would be a single ticket would sell for $1.50, a three-ticket book would sell for $3.75, and a five-ticket book would sell for $5.
    You may require a ticket for an adult, but many operators choose to let adults ride free.
    How long does a typical ride last?
    The train runs on an adjustable timer, but a two minute ride is standard.
    What is the set-up time for a train and tracks?
    The first time you set-up a train may take 3-4 hours. Once you learn the system, it generally requires less than 2 hours.
    Can the trains be set outdoors?
    How many children and adults can ride in a train?
    Most trains can handle 8-16 kids.
    Do the trains require an engineer on board?
    No. Trains do require an attendant to help players, though. The train is operated from a control system that stands next to the track in a stationary location.
    Is a safety fence necessary?
    It is highly recommended. A typical fence is set a minimum of 3′ from the edge of the track.
    What are the legal and insurance requirements to operate?
    It is very important that each operator check with local authorities regarding ever-changing rules and regulations that involve the operation of amusement rides. It is also important to obtain liability insurance in the amount required for the location you are using.
    Are there ways to make a train more appealing/attractive?
    Interior and exterior decoration adds a tremendous amount of appeal/attractively. Examples include train stations, railroad crossing signs, and vegetation. Anything matching the season helps. A 3′ foot barrier must be maintained from tracks edge.
    Is site selection within a mall important?
    Site selection in a mall is critical to operating success. If it is Christmas time, try to get near Santa Claus; at Easter, get near the Easter Bunny. Try to be where the kids are!!
    Picture below show us CE certificate of GMKP series kids rides
    Packing of GMKP series kids rides
    Bubble pack + wellpappe + Stretch films+ wood frame
    Payment terms:
    T/T 30% deposit and 70% balance before delivery
    Delivery time:
    15- 20 days after pay the deposit.
    We are looking forward to cooperating with you; please contact us for more details!
    Why choose us:

    Guangzhou Sibo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a leading company in amusement park rides,amusement parks rides,types of amusement park rides,scary amusement park rides,amusement and kids game machine industry. We can provide various kinds of game machines and related accessories in this filed such as video cabinet, racing, shooting, redemption, crane, basketball, dancing, boxing, coin pusher, kiddie ride, pinball,crane kits and vending machines. Relying on professional technologies, satisfactory services, innovative concept and practical attitude, we specialize in producing and marketing of all kinds of game machines and game centers, as well as management & cooperation. If you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us.   


    Sibo Electronic Technology


    Sibo Electronic TechnologyGuangzhou SiBo Electronic Technology Co., LTD is a leading company in kids amusement and game machine industry. Relying on professional technologies, satisfying services, innovative concept and practical attitude, we are specialized in production and marketing kinds of game machines and game centers management , such as kiddie rides, kids carousel , track trains, plush walking animal rides, kids battery bumper rides, kids indoor playground, arcade video games,racing ,shooting, redemption, gift crane machines, basketball machines, dance stations, boxing machines, coin pusher, and vending machines etc. Through years of efforts, we have established a team with efficiency and teamwork and trained many high quality technicians. Our kids games machines are flexible to put in kids game center, kids amusement parks, shopping malls, restaurant, hotel etc. Our new design kids amusement games wins fast and durable profits for our clients.


    Sibo Electronic Technology


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    GMKP-111 Le Bar Car
    GMKP-111 Le Bar Car
    Interesting design, comfortable seats with safety belts, there is no limitation for ages,it can go forward and backward/turn left and right by only joystick. Use Variable frequency electric motor controllers made in Taiwan, with 360 degree rotation function, LED lights, timing, counting and other Management devices Charging 6 hours can drive continuous 8 hours. Maximum load is 200kgs (2 persons).
    GMKP-110 Miami
    GMKP-110 Miami
    GMKP-106 Area occupy:¢3.5M H2.5M,Power:0.55KW
    GMKP-106 Area occupy:¢3.5M H2.5M,Power:0.55KW",Park rides
    kids rides,fun park ride for kids,carnival rides for kids GMKP-106 Area occupy:¢3.5M H2.5M,Power:0.55KW",Park rides
    GMKP-107 prince plane( 8 seats) ,W480*L480*H280cm,Park rides
    GMKP-107 prince plane( 8 seats) ,W480*L480*H280cm,Park rides
    GMKP-107 prince plane( 8 seats) ,W480*L480*H280cm,Park rides fairground rides,fair rides,theme parks zipper ride

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