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[Sibo News]Sofa for event, activity, furniture, backyard, swimming pool[ 2018-12-03 15:00 ]
Glad to share inflatable sofa with you as below. 1. Size: 2.9x2.9x0.71m 2. General use: Event, backyard, activity, furniture, swimming pool, beach. 3. Material: commercial grade pvc, waterproof and fireproof. 4. Acquired EN15649 certificate. 5. Customized logo, color is available.,activit_1.html3
[Sibo News]Inflatable Sofa Bed[ 2018-01-04 11:00 ]
Spring and summer is coming soon, we strongly recomment you Sibo hot item sofa bed, it can bring outdoor to enjoy sunshine, like your garden, park, plata, beach and anywhere you like, check below real photo of our Germany client enjoying sunshine in his garden, cool, right?Differnt colors for your choice, with handle to easy move, HL valve for inflation deflation, UK PRV for safety and longer lifetime, any needs, just contact us freely.!_1.html3
[Sibo News]Factory Directly Inflatable Sofa[ 2017-11-10 11:00 ]
his kind of sofa is made by 0.9mm pvc, close air, you can use a long time when you just inflate one time.Different color, size, logo and even shape are available with certificate.The inflatable sofa can be put at different place, such as living room, shopping mall, backyard and so on. It is easy to move and package.
[Sibo News]Inflatable Sofa[ 2017-10-13 11:00 ]
Inflatable sofa is comfortable for kids and adults.Our sofa reinforce seams,triple stitched.Besides,it has lots of advantage,like durable,water proof, easy to clean etc. Inflatable sofa as furniture become more and more popular for family use in nowadays.
[Sibo News]Super Deal Sealed Air Inflatable Sofa[ 2017-10-11 11:00 ]
Please see below sofa? with certificate: portable, washable, soft, different colors and sizes for your choice .
[Sibo News]Super Deal Sealed Air Inflatable Sofa[ 2017-09-30 11:00 ]
Do you want to have good time indoor and outdoor playground Please see below sofa? with certificate: portable, washable, soft, different colors and sizes for your choice .
[Sibo News]Inflatable Sealed Air Water Proof Sofa For Outdoor[ 2017-06-19 13:38 ]
Our inflatable sofa is water proof, portable and convenient, easy for cleaning, small package after inflation, very good for indoor and outdoor, for parties and backyards.
[Sibo News]Air Tight Sofa[ 2017-04-12 11:00 ]
PVC Inflatable Sofa ,convenient inflatable chair and couch Ideal for room or outdoor,more shape and detail
[Sibo News]Inflatable Sofa Water Toy[ 2016-09-28 11:00 ]
Inflatable Floating Couch Sofa Swimming Lounger, Water Mattress Lounge Chair Raft, air tight Inflatable Floating Island as water sofa are quite popular now. Client always buy them for family time, party and event use.
[Sibo News]Portable Inflatable Sofa[ 2016-01-27 11:00 ]
How convenience the sofa!
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